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Friday's Topology Seminar 2017-2018

Speaker: Natàlia Castellana (UAB)
Title: Stratification for homotopical groups
Place: Seminari C3b/158
24th November at 12:00

Abstract: Joint work with Tobias Barthel, Drew Heard and Gabriel Valenzuela. In this project we show that the category of module spectra over C^*(BG;F_p) where G is a p-local compact group is stratified.

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Speaker: Joachim Kock (UAB)
Title: Infinity-operads as polynomial monads
Place: Seminari C3b/158
22th September at 12:00

Abstract: Lurie's infinity-operads are defined as certain Gamma-spaces, in the spirit of May-Thomason.  A different approach to infinity- operads is due to Cisinski and Moerdijk in terms of dendroidal Segal spaces.  After outlining these approaches, I will explain a new model for infinity-operads, given in terms of polynomial monads.  This provides an infinity version of the classical viewpoint that operads are monoids in the monoidal category of species/analytic functors under the substitution product. Leaving out the technical details, I will explain the ideas behind the proof that the infinity-category of analytic monads is equivalent to the infinity-category of dendroidal Segal spaces.  This is joint work with David Gepner and Rune Haugseng.

Speaker: Albert Ruiz (UAB)

Title: On the classification of p-local compact groups over a fixed discrete p-toral group.
Place: Seminari C1/366
15th September at 12:00
p-local finite groups where defined by Broto-Levi-Oliver as a generalization of finite groups studied at a prime p. Later on, the same authors, defined p-local compact groups as a generalization of compact Lie Groups at a prime p and p-compact groups.
Examples of p-local finite groups which do not correspond to finite groups are known for every prime number p. In the infinite case, very few cases which do not correspond to p-compact groups have been studied. In this talk we will see a classification of p-local compact groups over some special discrete p-toral groups (joint work with Bob Oliver) which include a family of p-local compact groups which are not p-compact groups (joint work with Alex González and Toni Lozano).