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Barcelona Algebraic Topology Group

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Friday's Topology Seminar 2018-19

Speaker: Joshua Hunt (University of Copenhagen)
Title: Lifting G-stable endotrivial modules
Place: Room Seminar C3b
Date: Friday April 12, 12h-13h

Abstract: Endotrivial modules of a finite group G are a class of modular representations that is interesting both because endotrivial modules have enough structure to allow us to classify them and because such modules give structural information about the stable module category of G. They form a group T(G) under tensor product, and Carlson and Thévenaz have classified the endotrivial modules of a p-group. We examine the restriction map from T(G) to T(S), where S is a Sylow p-subgroup of G, and provide an obstruction to lifting an endotrivial module from T(S) to T(G). This allows us to describe T(G) using only local information and to provide a counterexample to some conjectures about T(G). This is joint work with Tobias Barthel and Jesper Grodal.

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Friday's Topology Seminar 2017-2018

Speaker: Nitu Kitchloo (Johns Hopkins University)
Title: Stability for Kac-Moody Groups
Place: C3b/158
20th July at 12:00

Abstract: In the class of Kac-Moody groups, one can extend all the exceptional families of compact Lie groups yielding infinite families, as well as other infinite families. We will show that these exceptional families stabilize in a homotopical sense and that the (co)homology of their classifying spaces is torsion free for all but a finite set of primes that is determined by the family (and not the individual groups in the family).

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Friday's Topology Seminar 2016-2017

Speaker: Ramón Flores (Universidad de Sevilla)
Title: Espacios clasificadores de grupos de trenzas.
Place: Seminari C1/366
28th July at 10:00.
En esta charla mostraremos cómo se puede calcular la dimensión del espacio clasificador de los grupos de trenzas respecto de la familia de grupos virtualmente cíclicos. Las herramientas utilizadas incluyen el modelo de Lück-Weiermann de estos espacios, la clasificación de trenzas de Nielsen-Thurston, y resultados homológicos sobre los conmensuradores de los subgrupos cíclicos.

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