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Barcelona Algebraic Topology Group

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Barcelona Algebraic Topology Group
Friday's Topology Seminar 2017-2018 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Natàlia Castellana Vila   
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 08:50

Speaker: Albert Ruiz (UAB)
Title: On the classification of p-local compact groups over a fixed discrete p-toral group.
Place: Seminari C3b/158
15th September at 12:00
p-local finite groups where defined by Broto-Levi-Oliver as a generalization of finite groups studied at a prime p. Later on, the same authors, defined p-local compact groups as a generalization of compact Lie Groups at a prime p and p-compact groups.
Examples of p-local finite groups which do not correspond to finite groups are known for every prime number p. In the infinite case, very few cases which do not correspond to p-compact groups have been studied. In this talk we will see a classification of p-local compact groups over some special discrete p-toral groups (joint work with Bob Oliver) which include a family of p-local compact groups which are not p-compact groups (joint work with Alex González and Toni Lozano).

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 July 2017 09:03
Friday's Topology Seminar 2016-2017 PDF Print E-mail

Speaker: Ramón Flores (Universidad de Sevilla)
Title: Espacios clasificadores de grupos de trenzas.
Place: Seminari C1/366
28th July at 10:00.
En esta charla mostraremos cómo se puede calcular la dimensión del espacio clasificador de los grupos de trenzas respecto de la familia de grupos virtualmente cíclicos. Las herramientas utilizadas incluyen el modelo de Lück-Weiermann de estos espacios, la clasificación de trenzas de Nielsen-Thurston, y resultados homológicos sobre los conmensuradores de los subgrupos cíclicos.

See the calendar for upcoming events.


This is the web site of the Algebraic Topology Team in Barcelona (Grup de Topologia Algebraica de Barcelona, 2014SGR-42 and Homotopy theory of algebraic structures, MTM2016-80439-P).

Our research interests include a variety of subjects in algebraic topology, group theory, homological algebra, and category theory. Here you will find information about us and our common activities.



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