1. This list of members of Republic of Rome fans is devoted to all those willing to play a Republic of Rome game by E-mail with other people and directed by a volunteer game master.
  2. The subscription to this list is completely free and only subject to holding this set of rules.
  3. Anyone willing to join it, must simply mail the webmaster so that his name and e-mail address may be included in the list. He must also express his will to be in the list of players willing to join a game.
  4. Players in the Willing to play list will be ordered so that oldest players (those who requested to play first) will be up. They will have preference to be chosen to start a new game. If a player refuses to join a new game, he will be moved down the list. Meanwhile there are players in the Willing to play list, no player may be in more than one game. In case of a replacement needed, the order will mantain, but no one will be moved down if he refuses to take a vacancy. People currently mastering a game will have preference to take a position if they are not currently in a game already.
  5. There will be an upper Committee formed by all those members who have mastered at least one game (or are currently game mastering it).
  6. Anyone willing to master a game must simply comunicate it to the list of awaiting players in the Willing to play list so that he may find the proper number of players for the game he designs.
  7. The game master is the only ruler of his(her) game and his(her) opinion will prevail above any other opinion. Only if a majority of players in a game pose a question refering to rules application the Committee may study the case and try to find a solution.
  8. Players starting a game promise that they will hold it until its end and that in case of abandoning it for an unavoidable reason, they will inform the game master with time enough according to the circumstances. They also promise that they will send their orders to the game master without long delays. The game master will inform the Committee about the players who break this rule, and they will be removed from the list, so they will not be informed any more of starting games and vacancies.
  9. All players should own an original copy of the game so that they may have easy access to all counters, cards and rules. No member of this group will broadcast the entire set of rules as these are copyrighted by The Avalon Hill Game Company. Only in case of discussion about a concrete rule it will be allowed to write down its content so to clarify its meaning.
  10. Any member has freedom to send mail to the webmaster to be published in the Collaborations section. There may be accepted: questions and answers about the game, variant sets to rules, masters looking for players, etc.
  11. All games started from this forum will be portrayed in the web page in the usual style. The game master must provide the web pages to the web master who will publish them unmodified.
  12. The E-mail address of the master of each game will be public. Also the players involved in each game will be declared so, but without specifying which faction carries each one. This way nobody can interfere in the game giving info to players. Of course, all players in a game will know who is playing each faction so that they may negotiate among them.
  13. Unless the game master states the contrary, he must receive a copy of every mail sent among players related to the game. That is, he must be included in every alias that the players may use to comunicate among them. The only reason is to produce some fun to him who is spending his time in produced fun for others.
  14. A scoring system may be designed by the committee so to keep a ranking of players.