First of all, I want to thank to Roberto Ullfig who introduced many of us into the PBEM system for this game Republic of Rome. After several years of game mastering many games, and studying new variants and options, he finally felt that his time was over and left the tasks to others who could continue his job.

    As his labour was so huge that none of his followers felt in force to do by himself, several of us decided to share his job. So, this web page, and this club of fans only pretends to keep close contact among all us so that we may meet easily someone willing to play in a PBEM game.

    I also want to comment that I am not an expert in Web pages and that my native language is not english, so I may make mistakes in these pages which I only hope that some of you may help me to correct them.

    And once this explained, please read the rules for our club, and join us if you wish to play Republic of Rome with us by E-mail.