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Previous teaching

Here you can find a list of subjects I have teached at least once:

  • Algebraic Topology (Degree in Maths).
  • Applied Statistics to Social Sciences (Degree in Antropology).
  • Applied Statistics: SPSS (Master in Education).
  • Calculus I (Degree in Statistics).
  • Calculus II (Degree in Statistics).
  • Computer Tools (Degree in Applied Statistics).
  • Computer Tools (Degree in Biotechnology).
  • Computer Tools (Degree in Mathematics).
  • Computer Tool: Geometry (Master in Education).
  • Computer Tools: MAPLE (Master in Mathematics).
  • Contents Manager: Fatwire (Maths Deparment).
  • Differential Geometry I (Degree in Maths).
  • LaTeX for teachers (Maths Department).
  • Introduction to Linux (Maths Department).
  • Linear Algebra (Engineering).
  • Maths (Degree in Biology).
  • Preparatory course: Algebra and Geometry (Degree in Phisics).
  • Preparatory course: Maths (Bio-Sciences).
  • Preparatory course: Maths (Engineering).
  • Statistics (Degree in Statistics).
  • Topology I (Degree in Maths).
  • Topology II (Degree in Maths).