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Barcelona Algebraic Topology Group

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Barcelona Algebraic Topology Group
Friday's Topology Seminar 2018-19 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nat├ália Castellana Vila   
Friday, 30 November 2018 14:12

Speaker: Letterio Gatto (Politecnico di Torino)
Title: Hasse-Schmidt Derivations on Exterior Algebras and how to use them
Place: Room Seminar C3b
Date: Friday January 18, 12h-13h

In the year 1937, Hasse & Schmidt introduced the so-called higher derivations in Commutative Algebra, to generalize the notion of Taylor polynomial to positive characteristic. Exactly the same definition can be phrased in the context of exterior algebras, by replacing the ordinary associative commutative multiplication by the wedge product. Hasse-Schmidt derivations on exterior algebras embody a surprisingly rich theory that candidates itself to propose a unified framework for a number of theories otherwise considered distincts, such as, e.g., (quantum, equivariant) Schubert Calculus for complex Grassmannians. In the talk we shall focus on one of the simplest but most powerful tools of the theory, the integration by parts formula. It will enable us to guess the shape of the vertex operators arising in the representation theory of certain infinite dimensional Lie algebras. In spite of the fancy vocabulary used in the abstract, the talk shall be entirely self-contained and no special prerequisite, but elementary multi-linear algebra, will be required.

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Our research interests include a variety of subjects in algebraic topology, group theory, homological algebra, and category theory. Here you will find information about us and our common activities.



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