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Barcelona Algebraic Topology Group

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Barcelona Algebraic Topology Group
Working seminar on localities and fusion systems PDF Print E-mail
Written by Natàlia Castellana Vila   
Thursday, 09 November 2017 16:41

Place: Seminari C3b/158
On Thursdays at 10:00, starting Septermber 21st
We review the concept of locality introduced by A. Chermak as a group theorist friendly analogue of transporter system associated to a fusion system. We then focus on E. Henke's work on subcentric linking systems.

Friday's Topology Seminar 2017-2018 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Natàlia Castellana Vila   
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 08:50

Speaker: Natàlia Castellana (UAB)
Title: Stratification for homotopical groups
Place: Seminari C3b/158
24th November at 12:00

Abstract: Joint work with Tobias Barthel, Drew Heard and Gabriel Valenzuela. In this project we show that the category of module spectra over C^*(BG;F_p) where G is a p-local compact group is stratified.

See the calendar for upcoming events.

Last Updated on Friday, 17 November 2017 12:58

This is the web site of the Algebraic Topology Team in Barcelona (Grup de Topologia Algebraica de Barcelona, 2014SGR-42 and Homotopy theory of algebraic structures, MTM2016-80439-P).

Our research interests include a variety of subjects in algebraic topology, group theory, homological algebra, and category theory. Here you will find information about us and our common activities.



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