General overview
The purpose of this document is to give a general overview of the Mathematics Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). It contains the following sections:

*  General Structure
*  Undergraduate studies
*  Master programmes and other activities
*  Doctoral Program in Mathematics
*  Research groups and research projects
*  Research networks
*  Visiting programme, meetings, workshops
*  Mathematical consulting
*  Publications
*  Facilities
*  List of recent publications

General Structure
The faculty staff of the department consists currently of 53 professors with Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics or Physics, 24 lecturers/instructors and 25 graduate students or fellow grants. It is ruled by a board consisting presently of

Frederic Utzet, chairman
Laia Saumell, secretary
Pere Ara, administrator
Joan Porti, post-graduate programmes
Joan Verdera, publications manager
The government of the department corresponds to the Department Council, which must approve the proposals made by the board or the different specific committees. These include the Executive committee, the Staff committee and the Teaching committee.
Concerning Research administration, the department is structured in five units

Algebra, (Head: Ferran Cedó)
Analysis, (Head: Mark Melnikov)
Applied Mathematics, (Head: Armengol Gasull)
Geometry and Topology, (Head: Agustí Reventós)
Statistics and Operations Research, (Head: Aureli Alabert)
Undergraduate studies
The Department is responsible for the teaching of essentially all of the mathematical courses in the bachelor, diploma and engineering degrees of the UAB; specifically,

Chemical Engineering
Veterinary Medicine
Environmental Sciences
Computer Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Political Sciences
Master programmes and other activities
The department offers three master programmes.
The master programme "Mathematics for teachers" offers, since 1993, specialised formation for high school mathematics teachers to update their mathematical education. It provides a convenient link between university mathematics and secondary or high school mathematics as well, since a high amount of bachelors in mathematics find jobs as teachers at schools.
The master programme "Mathematics for the financial instruments" offers, since 1998, specialised formation in financial mathematics. Including practical training in the stock market and banks, it provides the student with the modern mathematical techniques used for the evaluation of financial risks, pricing of options and portfolio optimisation.
The master programme "Mathematics for the company and the industry" has started in the academic year 1999-2000. Its aim is to provide a solid foundation in the different mathematical techniques and software used in many industrial and economical sectors of production. At the institutional level, another important aim is the development of Industrial Mathematics, both in the research and teaching aspects. As the previous one, this master degree includes practical training in companies, mostly in the neighbouring Technology Park of Vallès, with more than one hundred companies dedicated to new technologies.
Other activities are organized at the graduate level, some of them not strictly academic, such as the courses "Introduction to Bridge" and "Advanced course on Bridge".
Research groups and research projects
There are 11 consolidated research groups in the department, developing a number of research projects supported by public and competitive funding. A list follows with the main keywords, the titles of the "living" research projects, and the name of the professor in charge. Every group runs a weekly seminar through all the academic year.
Research group in Ring Theory.
Keywords: von Neuman regular rings, semilocal rings, operator algebras, K-theory, real rank, FIR's.
Projects: "Non stable K-theory and applications to module categories", "Projective modules over certain classes of rings".
Dr. Pere Ara.
Research group in Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry.
Keywords: elliptic curves, modular curves, formal groups, Neron models, abelian manifolds, coding theories.
Projects: "Arithmetic of varieties over finite fields", "P-adic methods in algebraic and arithmetic geometry", "Applications to coding theory", "Arithmetic of modular curves".
Dr. Enric Nart.
Research group in Geometrical Group Theory.
Keywords: group actions, CW-complexes, low-dimensional spaces, Kleinian groups, fractal curves.
Projects: "Group actions in CW-complexes of low dimension", "Geometrisation of three-dimensional manifolds", "Fixed groups of free groups of endomorphisms".
Dr. Warren Dicks.

Research group in Function theory.
Keywords: differentiability properties, Cauchy-Riemann equations, harmonic functions, harmonic measure, potentials, Brownian motion, BMO.
Projects: "Complex analysis in one or several variables", "Algebraic aspects, singularities, regularity and invariant problems in complex analysis".
Dr. Joaquim Bruna.
Research group in Harmonic and Complex Analysis.
Keywords:Cauchy integral, Hardy and Bergman spaces, rectifiable curves, Riesz and Bessel potentials, quasiconformal mappings.
Projects: "The Cauchy integral, analytic capacity, and approximation", "Analysis in pseudoconvex domains".
Dr. Joan Verdera.

Web page of Mathematical Analysis: Logo

Research group in Stochastic Analysis.
Keywords: stochastic differential equations, Ito's formula, Black-Scholes formula, stochastic integrals, future options, U-statistics.
Projects: "Non-Brownian anticipating stochastic calculus".
Dr. Frederic Utzet.
Web page of Stochastic Analysis:  http://orfeu.mat.ub.es/~gaesto/welcome.htm
Research group in Mathematical Statistics.
Keywords: exponential models, generalised linear models, likelihood adjustment, simulation, reliability.
Projects: "Multivariate and computational statistical analysis".
Dr. Joan del Castillo.

Research group in Algebraic Topology.
Keywords: Steenrod algebra, CW-complexes, nilpotent groups, p-compact groups, homotopic limits, localisation, spectral sequences.
Projects: "Homotopic theory of Lie groups", "Homological and homotopical localisation", "Cohomological methods in unstable homotopy".
Dr. Jaume Aguade.
Web page of Algebraic Topology:  Algebraic Topology
Research group in Differential Geometry.
Keywords: Riemann metrics, differentiable and complex manifolds, foliations, deformations, hyperbolic geometry, relativity, integral geometry.
Projects: "Geometric theory of foliations", "Singularities of holomorphic foliations".
Dr. Joan Girbau.

Research group in Dynamical Systems.
Keywords: dynamical systems, periodic orbits, attractors, stability, Poincare map, qualitative theory, Mandelbrot set, fractals, celestial mechanics, iteration.
Projects: "Qualitative theory of dynamical systems with emphasis on periodic orbits".
Dr. Jaume Llibre.
Web page of Dynamical Systems:  Dynamical Systems
Research group in Partial Differential Equations.
Keywords: semilinear equations, positive semigroups, population dynamics, mathematical models for biology, infinite dimensional dynamical systems.
Projects: "Partial differential equations and dynamical systems".
Dr. Angel Calsina.

Research group in Mathematical Education.
Keywords: didactic system, mathematical and didactic praxeologies, mathematical organization, didactic contract, anthropological approach.
Projects: "Integration of research approaches in didactics of mathematics", "The algebraization process in school mathematics. The algebraic modelling of secundary education and the transition to University".
Dr. Josep Gascón.
Research networks
A number of research projects are developed in association with other research teams through EU supported agreements. The department is present in two European networks funded through the TMR program,

  • Singularities of differential equations and foliations (Marcel Nicolau).
  • P-adic methods in algebraic and arithmetic geometry (Enric Nart).
Bilateral research projects also exist in the context of specific agreements between EU countries.
Visiting programme, meetings, workshops
The Department of Mathematics, together with the nearby Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM), coordinates the yearly visiting program and some of the international events of this organism. The CRM is a mathematical research institute belonging to the "Institut d'Estudis Catalans", with no permanent faculty, which hosts foreign visitors for mid term or long term periods to encourage research collaboration with local professors. Through an agreement with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the CRM is located near the Mathematics Department since 1984. An average of 45 foreign professors visit each year the CRM and the department. The list of visitors for 1999-2000 is the following:

  • F. Gautero, Valbonne, 14.09.98 - 30.09.00
    Dynamical Systems
  • K. Baranski, Warszawa, 01.12.98 - 31.10.99
  • X. Zhang, Beijing, 01.03.99 - 31.01.00
    Dynamical Systems
  • J.A. Crespo, Barcelona, 01.09.99 - 31.07.00
    Algebraic Topology
  • S. Lamy, Prest, 01.09.99 - 30.06.00
    Differential Geometry
  • C. Tarquini, Rennes, 01.09.99 - 30.06.00
    Differential Geometry
  • K. Faure, Toulouse, 01.09.99 - 30.06.00
    Differential Geometry
  • O. Watanabe, Tokyo, 05.09.99 - 19.09.99
    Theory of Computation
  • J.L. Balcázar, Barcelona, 05.09.99 - 10.12.99
    Theory of Computation
  • I. Verbitsky, Missouri, 06.09.99 - 30.09.99
  • M. Mathieu, Belfast, 12.09.99 - 24.09.99
  • R. Langevin, Dijon, 13.09.99 - 24.09.99
    Differential Geometry
  • R. Schneider, Freiburg, 15.09.99 - 23.09.99
    Differential Geometry
  • F.X. Dehon, Paris, 01.10.99 - 30.09.01
    Algebraic Topology
  • M. Mimura, Okayama, 01.10.99 - 30.11.99
    Algebraic Topology
  • H.R. Morton, Liverpool, 02.10.99 - 31.10.99
    Applied Mathematics
  • F. Loray, Villeneuve d'Ascq, 24.10.99 - 20.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • J.J. Loeb, Angers, 01.11.99 - 15.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • J. Ribon, Valladolid, 01.11.99 - 15.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • Tien-Zung, Montpellier, 01.11.99 - 07.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • B. Deroin, Lyon, 01.11.99 - 14.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • S. Dumitrescu, Lyon, 01.11.99 - 17.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • A. Guillot, Lyon, 01.11.99 - 20.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • E. Ghys, Lyon, 07.11.99 - 21.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • M. Brunella, Dijon, 07.11.99 - 28.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • M. McQuillan, Oxford, 07.11.99 - 03.12.99
    Differential Geometry
  • J.M. Gambaudo, Dijon, 07.11.99 - 19.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • G. Mendes, Dijon, 07.11.99 - 28.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • M. Lagrange, Dijon, 08.11.99 - 19.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • L. Meerseman, Rennes, 08.11.99 - 24.11.99
    Differential Geometry
  • A. Verjovsky, México, 10.11.99 - 15.12.99
    Differential Geometry
  • A. Candel, California, 15.11.99 - 05.12.99
    Differential Geometry
  • W. Chacholski, Connecticut, 28.11.99 - 18.12.99
    Algebraic Topology
  • J. Seade, México, 30.11.99 - 14.12.99
    Differential Geometry
  • F. Sánchez-Bringas, México, 01.12.99 - 15.12.99
    Differential Geometry
  • D. Schlomiuk, Montréal, 01.01.00 - 30.04.00
    Dynamical Systems
  • A. Borisenko, Kharkov, 01.01.00 - 31.03.00
    Differential Geometry
  • R. Levi, Aberdeen, 15.01.00 - 30.01.99
    Algebraic Topology
  • R. Brunner, Detroit, 28.01.00 - 14.03.00
    Algebraic Topology
  • M. Eddahbi, Marrakech, 01.02.00 - 31.12.00
  • S. Sehgal, Edmonton, 01.02.00 - 31.03.00
    Algebraic Topology
  • M. Falconi, México, 01.03.00 - 31.08.00
    Dynamical Systems
  • G.W. Mackey, Harvard, 01.03.00 - 30.03.00
  • P.-A. Vuillermot, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, 01.03.00 - 31.05.00
    Stochastic Analysis
  • J. Brennan, Lexington, 01.04.00 - 30.05.00
  • F. Soria, Madrid, 02.05.00 - 30.05.00
  • Y. Hu, Lawrence, 01.06.00 - 15.07.00
    Stochastic Analysis
  • C. Burdzy, Seattle, 15.06.00 - 15.07.00
    Stochastic Analysis
Other co-organised activities include international meetings, intensive summer courses and short workshops on specialised topics.
Mathematical consulting
The Department of Mathematics offers support to companies, laboratories and industries in those technical aspects that can be treated with mathematical tools, through its Consulting Technical Office for Companies and Industries. Consultations are attended by professors of the department on the basis of pre-established contracts. A list follows of some of the latest collaborations:

  • Statistical modelling in biotechnology processes.
  • Design of bio-equivalence tests for a pharmaceutical factory.
  • Estimation of efficiency rates of animal production drugs, for a veterinarian laboratory.
  • Statistical analysis of the data of a water purification plant.
  • Optimisation of the production cost in terms of the existing stock and the production process.
  • Comparison of different brands of the same product on the basis of their sensorial qualities.
  • Design of a computer package for the minimisation of non-used paper in the manufacturing process of stickers from paper rolls (trim-loss problem).
Another activity of the Consulting Office is the organisation of introductory or expository courses integrated in the companies own training plans.
The department has its own preprint series and has published since 1979 a mathematical research journal of general scope, Publicacions Matemàtiques, a volume (two issues) per year. The editorial board consists of

Editor in chief:
Joan Verdera - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Editorial Board:
P. Bàyer - Universitat de Barcelona
C.Berenstein - University of Maryland
A. Bonami - Université d'Orléans
A. Córdoba - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
A. Díaz Miranda - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
J.I. Díaz - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
W. Dicks - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
T.Duchamp - University of Washington
J.L. Fernández - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
E. Giné - University of Conneccticut
X. Gómez-Mont - CIMAT
F. Gómez-Ruiz - Universidad de Málaga
R. Gundy - Rutgers University
J.Hale - Georgia Institute of Technology
G. Hector - Université Claude Bernard-Lyon
P. Hilton - SUNY at Binghamton
S. Khruscev - Russian Academy of Sciences
R. Kane - University of Western Ontario
G. Mislin - Ohio State University
V. Navarro - Universitat de Barcelona
L. Nirenberg - Courant Institute
S.P. Novikov - Russian Academy of Science
D. Nualart - Universitat de Barcelona
B. Pareigis - Universität München
N. Sibony - Université Paris-Sud
J. Sotomayor - Universidade de São Paulo
E.I. Stout - University of Washington
M. Valdivia - Universidad de Valencia
L. Vega - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
M. Yor - Université Pierre et Marie Curie
"Publicacions Matemàtiques" is covered by Zentralblatt für Mathematik and Mathematical Reviews.
The department has its own computer network (90 terminals), a computer centre equipped with three SUN workstations and one server Windows NT, and a computer classroom with 28 PC's.
The mathematics library of the department (12.000 books, 400 journals) is integrated in the Shool of Sciences library.
List of recent publications
See the list extracted from MathSciNet. (You must have authorised access from your computer.)


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